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Flag Football

Spring 2021 Flag Football


COVID-19 Policies

For the Spring 2021 season, T&C Football will be following the COVID-19 safety guidelines provided by national, state and local health officials. Click the document below for details.

Field Status

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Spring 2021 Important Information

Calendar of Events Dates Notes
Registration Open January 15
Registration Ends March 20
Coaches Meeting & Draft March 22
Group Practices March 23 - 26
Team Formation March 26
Pre-Season Camp March 27 Time TBD
Uniform Pickup April 8
Games Begin April 10
Regular Season Ends May 15
Playoff Dates May 22 Junior/Senior Divisions

Spring 2021 Program Fees & Dates

Division   Grade Camp Only  Season Only  Camp & Season
Rookie 1st/2nd $40 $120 $150
Junior 3rd/4th $40 $135 $165
Senior 5th/6th/7th $40 $135 $165

Camp (Skills Training Session): March 27 


  • Practice at least once a week for 60 to 90 minutes at Town and Country.  The volunteer head coach will coordinate with team parents.


  •  Teams will play two (2) Pre-Season games. There are six regular season games. All teams in the Junior and Senior divisions will qualify for league playoffs.  Playoffs will take place Nov. 12th-14th to play for the T&C Bowl Championship.

Game Day

  • Games played under the lights on Thursday or Friday night or Saturday morning.  Games typically start at 6:30 or 7:45 pm. Some Senior Division games may play games starting at 8:30  pm on Fridays depending on the schedule. Rookies only play on Saturday mornings.  Any rain-outs will be played on  the next available good weather day.   All games are approximately 1-hour long.  All games played at T&C Sports complex. All parents must sign T&C medical release and behavior forms prior to first game.


  • With your registration, we provide NFL Flag Football jerseys, reversible for home and away game days.  Coaches will receive equipment bags with flags and league approved footballs.
  • Parents provide
    • turf shoes
    • black shorts with no pockets 
    • reusable water bottle
    • mouthpiece
  • Prohibited items are: jewelry, hats, shorts with pockets, metal cleats, color shorts (other than black).


  • Players should register individually.
  • Siblings, cousins, etc. will be on the same team.
  • We will honor friend and car pool requests the best we can to keep them together.
  • Volunteer coaches will draft players to their teams.
  • Each team will have at least six (6) players per team.  No team will have more than ten (10) players. Coaches will strive to provide players with  equal distribution of playing time.


  • Our association depends on parent volunteers to be team managers, coaches and game day officials (Down marker, clock and sideline watch).
  • Volunteer coaches must register with T&C and complete 1) standard background check and 2) 1-hr online Safety and Abuse Training Course. This is a no cost registration. 


For questions, please email


T & C Sports 2020 Pre-Season Camp & Flag Football Registration

The Town & Country Optimist Club (T&C Sports – Austin, TX) has opened 2020 pre-season Youth Camp & Spring season Flag Football registration. The flag football program is open to both boys and girls. Ages for the pre-season camp/clinic and the Fall season are 1st grade through 7th grade.  Teams usually practice once or twice per week for 60-90 minutes with each team’s volunteer head coach coordinating practice times with team parents. Games are expected to be played under the lights on Friday nights starting at either 6:30 or 7:45 pm or Saturday mornings with games beginning as early as 9am.

T&C Sports is offering a discount for those kids who attend both the pre-season camp and participate in the regular season.  Friend and coach requests are honored when possible and coaches are allowed to bring a whole team to participate. “One of the goals for our flag football league is for kids to get to play with friends, as well as to meet new friends to deliver a memorable experience for our Central Texas football community “, said Coach Z.

Those interested in learning more about the T&C Sports Flag Football Program and to register can use this link:


The Town & Country Optimist Club (T&C Sports) is a non-profit organization formed in 1974 by a group of North Austin parents to offer youth sports. The Club promotes the ideals of Optimist International and supports the North Austin area by providing quality youth sports facilities and programs. Club goals are to provide opportunities for all who wish to participate and to promote an environment of learning and sportsmanship in all activities. The Club also supports youth development through involvement in selected youth-oriented community activities.

The Value of Playing Flag Football

With the continuation of the NFL Flag Football program hosted by T&C Sports this season, it is a great responsibility to organize the practices and games that your child plays with T&C Sports.  We appreciate the opportunity to help reveal to kids the joy of competitive sports.  

We just opened the Fall NFL Flag Football registration along with two new summer flag football camps only a few weeks ago and already the response has been great.

With our expanded Pee Wee level program, it seems that parents and kids are appreciating the fun of NFL Flag Football and recognizing it as a great way to develop some of the basic athletic skills that will carry into their later years.

If you are exploring your options for this Fall season, give flag football a careful consideration.  It is much more different than the flag football games that you may have played when you were a kid. 

We strive to provide a foundation that gives children the option to play football with the same fitness and competitive benefits of tackle football, but with less risk of injury.  This program allows parents to wait until later in a child’s physical grow cycle before introducing them to the much more intense demands of tackle football while still teaching the game of football.

Along with the physical benefits of playing a sport like flag football, there are a number of character-building benefits for children. 

Youth flag football is a great team sport. Kids have the chance to play, work and interact with other children, teaching them skills to work together.  Teamwork is a big aspect of flag football as kids learn how important it is to cooperate with others and work towards a common goal. 

Along with teamwork, our T&C Sports coaches will teach your child the importance of practice.  As coaches work on fundamentals to help your child learn the game, players discover that practice is an important part to playing a sport, and that without practice, improvement in any skill can be difficult.

Playing a youth sport such as flag football teaches your child how to compete, as an individual and also as a member of a team. Working hard on the playing field provides learning lessons that can go beyond sports.

Flag football is also a great way for children to develop social skills.  By being a part of a team, children learn how to communicate and work well with others.  They will learn how to take initiative and lead, but then they also learn when it is their turn to sit back and follow.  The social skills kids gain by learning how to play with other children from different backgrounds is priceless and will continue to be an asset to them as they grow older.

Most importantly, playing flag football with T&C Sports teaches your child the value of being a good sport and behaving with integrity, respect and humility, regardless of winning or losing. Being positive and shaking hands with teammates, referees and opponents instills valuable lessons in your child.
Character building and social skills are certainly major benefits to flag football participation, but let’s not forget that it’s also fun and a great way to make new friends! If you want to register your son or daughter for a NFL Flag football program, follow this link to sign up today before Early Registration closes on February 1st! 


No matter what sport your child plays this year, we hope you and your family finds value in the excitement of team sports!


Team Practices

Where: T&C 

What to Bring to Practice:

  • Athletic shorts (without pockets)
  • Athletic shoes (cleats preferred)
  • Mouthpiece/Mouthguard
  • Water Bottle(s)  (temps are still in the mid-90s at practice time!)
  • Gloves – not required
  • Wet/Dry Towels – recommended to stay cool and dry off


Time for Flag Football!

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