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T&C Sports

Campus Policies

Campus Procedures and Policies

T&C Pet Policy

People should not bring their pets to T&C Sports when coming to our facility for sports play.  The City of Austin has a right of way for the hike and bike trail that runs through T&C Sports which allows for walking pets only along this cement trail. There are no pets allowed anywhere outside this cement trail.

Emergency, Injury, Lost Child & Contacts


Emergency access addresses – We have a physical address for each entrance into T&C. In the event of an emergency and medics/authorities need to be called, please use the appropriate address. Please note the following:

Fields 3-6, Miracle League, 31-36: 13300 Morris Road, Austin, TX 78729
Fields 11-15, 20-28: 13450 Briarwick Drive, Austin, TX 78729
Fields 1-2, 7-10, main office: 9100 Meadowheath Drive, Austin, TX 78729

If a child is injured and needs immediate assistance please call 911 with the location. Maps are provided in the concession areas.

In the case of a sprain or broken bone, it is sometimes faster for the parents to load the injured player into a private car and proceed to the nearest emergency facility.

If a child is lost, please contact a Commissioner On Duty (COD). They are often in a golf cart, and they will assist in locating the child.

Accident / Incident Report


Any time there is an accident or incident on campus, a coach or T&C official should complete and submit this Incident Report

The form can be returned by one of the following methods:

Email the T&C Sports Office at
FAX: 512-331-7462
Mail address:
9100 Meadowheath Drive
Austin, TX 78729

Lost & Found Policy

Lost Item


Phone: 512-331-0438


T&C Optimist Foundation is not liable for the theft, loss, damage or destruction of any personal property.  All items lost/found should be turned in to the T&C Office, T&C Concessions, or a sport association Commissioner on Duty (COD).

  1. Cash, identification cards, jewelry, or items that appear to be valued over $100 will be logged and stored in a secure location for a minimum of 30 days at the T&C Office and effort will be taken to contact owner, business, or bank associated with item, if any.
    • Any cash left unclaimed will be treated as a donation to T&C.
    • ID Cards or Credit Cards left unclaimed will be shredded.
    • Jewelry or other valuables left unclaimed will be donated to a charitable organization chosen by T&C.
  2. Sports items including but not limited to clothing, balls, water bottles, and other equipment, will be stored at T&C for 30 days and then donated to a charitable organization chosen by T&C.
  3. Clothes, shoes and non-sports items will be stored at T&C for 30 days and then donated to a charitable organization chosen by T&C. T&C Reserves the right to dispose of all unsanitary items.
  4. Perishable items, including food and drinks, will be placed in the trash.
  5. Any items left in or next to the garbage bins are considered trash and will be discarded. T&C is not responsible for items that appear to be for disposal.

To claim a lost item, please contact T&C Office. All persons arriving to claim an item will need to bring ID and enough details to confirm ownership.

Concussion Procedures

Keeping your child healthy and safe is always a top priority. See below for information to help you recognize, respond to, and minimize the risk of concussion or other serious brain injury. It is something we all need to be aware of every season.

Concussion Signs & Symptoms
FAQs on Concussion Baseline Testing
Fact Sheet for Athletes
Fact Sheet for Parents

Lightning Policy & Procedure

The Town & Country Sports Complex is now monitored by a Thor Guard lightning prediction and warning system. The Thor Guard system measures atmospheric conditions at the T&C campus and surrounding area. When the conditions reach the threshold for potential lightning, an alarm will sound (one long blast of the sirens) and the strobe lights will begin to flash.

Steps to take when the Thor Guard sirens and lights are activated:

1. EVERYONE on the T&C campus must take immediate shelter, either in cars or in the T&C restrooms (these are the safest structures).

2. Only when the Thor Guard system gives the ‘all clear’ (3 short siren blasts and the lights go off), may activities resume.

It is the responsibility of every adult on campus to comply with these steps, and to ensure that every child also complies. This is a Zero Tolerance safety condition for participating at T&C. Failure to comply is to do so at your own safety risk, and with possible expulsion from the T&C campus and future activities.

You may view the status of the T&C Thor Guard system from your smart phone or PC at this link: Thor Guard

Zero Tolerance Policy

Please remember that T&C is not a public park. Please make sure that your out of town guests are aware of this policy! At the T&C Optimist Complex, visitors are expected to observe the Zero Tolerance Policy, which prohibits: Violence-Physical or Verbal, Alcohol, Weapons, Noise Makers, Tobacco Products (ALL Types including E-Cigarettes/Vaping), Littering, Pets (Leashed and Unleashed), Tailgating, Onsite cooking, this includes all T&C parking lots (T&C’s permit does not allow public cooking or preparation of foods outside of our concessions). No oversized vehicles including campers.

This Zero Tolerance Policy applies to all visitors for every event attended at the complex. Any patron violating these policies will result in a warning to correct and/or asked to leave the T&C property.

Abuse & Molestation Policy



Professionals, employees, and volunteers of The Optimist Club of Town and Country Round Rock; Town and Country Optimist Foundation & or The Miracle League at Town and Country organization shall not engage in sexual abuse, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, physical abuse, and/or emotional maltreatment of children, youth and adult.


Persons in a role of leadership, with children, youth, and adults shall include all employees & volunteer staff, who have a direct or indirect contact with the same who participate in any activities or events sponsored by Town & Country organization.


  1. Sexual abuse: Sexual abuse means unwanted physical conduct of a sexual nature, sexual contact or sexualized behavior and may include, by example, touching, fondling, other physical contact and sexual relations. Child/youth/adult sexual abuse is the sexual exploitation or use of same for satisfaction of sexual drives. It includes but is not limited to: (1) incest, (2) rape, (3) prostitution, (4) any sexual intercourse, or deviant sexual conduct with fondling of a child, youth, or adult in the program or at sponsored activities.
  2. Sexual Harassment: Sexual harassment is any unwanted sexual advance or demand, either verbal or physical that is reasonably perceived by the recipient as demeaning, intimidating or coercive. Sexual harassment must be understood as an exploitation of a power relationship rather than as an exclusively sexual issue. Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to, the creation of a hostile or abusive working environment resulting from discrimination on the basis of gender. 3. Sexual Misconduct: Sexual misconduct means a chargeable offense.
  3. Physical abuse: Any act of omission or an act that endangers a person’s physical or mental health. This definition includes any non-accidental physical injury caused by a caretaker. Physical abuse may result from punishment that is overly punitive or inappropriate to the individual’s age or condition. In addition, physical abuse may result from purposeful acts that pose serious danger to the physical health of a child, youth or adult.
  4. Emotional Maltreatment: Persistent or extreme thwarting of a child’s youth or vulnerable person’s basic emotional needs (such as the need to feel safe and accepted.)



Professionals, employees and volunteers shall be provided a copy of this policy and shall receive training information to assist in the implementation of this policy.


Making a Complaint:

Persons who have knowledge of possible violations of this policy by Professionals, employees and volunteers should report to appropriate supervisors and administrators. The administration will take action in investigation, reporting, due process, and take action to seek justice.



It shall be the policy and covenant of Town & Country, to do everything in our power to prevent physical, emotional or sexual abuse against children, youth and adults involved in our operations and with any event sponsored by the Town & Country. We are aware of our legal

responsibilities, and the need to comply with those responsibilities, we will go beyond those responsibilities when necessary to act justly in the best interest of those who have been abused or those who are most vulnerable to abuse.



This policy and its provisions shall apply to all employees and volunteers who have any direct and indirect contact with children and/or youth and/or adults who participate in any activities or events sponsored by Town & Country.


Screening for Volunteers or Staff:

Careful screening is one way to prevent the abuse of children, youth and adults. Screening calls for careful gathering and review of information in search of persons who can provide safe and caring supervision in a safe environment.

  1. Prior employment or acceptance as a volunteer or paid staff person, the event coordinator or Administrator in charge of an event or program shall direct each prospective worker to complete the application/consent form. By signing the form, the applicant will give the Town & Country organization permission to contact references and perform necessary investigation to complete the review of the application.
  2. Town & Country shall facilitate a screening check with the appropriate agency.
  3. The Administrator shall request references.
  4. The leader shall receive the completed forms and reports and review them. If any of the reports raise questions about the fitness of the applicant, the leader should disapprove the application and notify the applicant. Town & Country reserves the right to turn away any persons for volunteer or paid service.
  5. If the applicant (either volunteer or paid) is found to have been in any activity in which the applicant abused or exploited children, youth, or adults, the applicant will not be hired/approved. Any conviction of a crime against children, youth, or adults shall disqualify any applicant.
  6. Results of screens shall be kept confidential.

Reporting Incidents:

  1. When the necessity of reporting occurs, the protection of children, youth, and adults must be paramount.


  1. Reporting: Immediately upon receipt of an allegation of violation of policy the leader of the Organization involved shall be notified.  The leader shall notify the insurance carrier.  The leader shall notify the Crisis Management Team.  The leader or Crisis Management Team will facilitate reporting to the SRS and/or law enforcement agencies, as appropriate according to State and Federal reporting guidelines.


  1. The person against whom an allegation has been made “Respondent” will immediately be suspended from working with children, youth, adults.


  1. If a minor is involved, that person’s parent (s) guardian (s) shall be notified of the alleged violation of policy by a person designated by the Crises Management Team.
  2. When the Respondent is not certified or is certified through the proper procedures, the Crises Management Team shall assist the investigation of the complaint and the process to use to work through the complaint. This may include assistance with legal and public relations issues as well as interviews necessary for the investigation of the complaint. Decisions of resolution shall ultimately rest with the Board of Directors
    1. The Crisis Management Team will determine who needs to be interviewed to determine the nature of the alleged violation and its impact. All Conversations shall be documented including such things as (but not exclusive of) date, time, place, and names of person or persons involved. In addition, the substance of the conversation shall be documented with the person interviewed shall be asked to review notes for accuracy and actions taken by the Crisis Management Team of Certification Authority are to be documented.


    1. If a formal complaint is made, the Crisis Management Team shall provide the respondent with a copy of the complaint.


    1. Those making the allegations (“Complainant”), the parent (s), guardian (s) of any minor involved, the Respondent, and any result of the investigation and final decision of the Certification Authority. In all cases all documentation shall be retained in a confidential, personal file.


    1. The Crisis Management Team will determine when and with whom information needs to be shared. If investigations or allegations of abuse should come to the attention of the media, a response shall come from a spokesperson.


    10.It be the goals of the Town & Country to provide supportive care to both Complainant and the Respondent, and to restore such persons to wholeness. Supportive care can include the procedures of the criminal justice system and appropriate counseling referrals.


    11.If the Complaint should desire to appeal the decision of the Crisis Management Team Board, Legal Council will be consulted. The Crisis Management Team will be made up of the Club’s President, President Elect & Immediate Past President



Confidentiality & Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy of T&C’s members is the utmost importance. We are dedicated to our members, and we must also be mindful of individual’s privacy preferences.

Volunteers are required to maintain confidentiality regarding all member information obtained while volunteering in any role for Town & Country. The information is not public knowledge and is viewed as property of T&C. T&C Volunteers are strictly prohibited from disclosing, sharing and/or making use of any member information provided, posted or contained in T&C’s member database – Sports Illustrated Play to any unauthorized outside party and/or third party during their volunteer role and after said role has ended. All T&C Volunteers, T&C employees, T&C board members, and T&C sports board members are also bound by the same policy and are permitted users of member information. When registering in T&C’s registration portal through Sports Illustrated Play, you consent and indicate your acceptance of this Policy.

T&C does not release any personal information about our members that is contained in and/or collected from T&C’s Sports Illustrated Play registration portal to unauthorized outside/third parties. T&C does not sell, or trade your personal information. T&C’s Volunteers, T&C employees, T&C board members, and T&C sports board members may contact and utilize our members information to perform their role, including but not limited to information for background checks, coach training/certification and information required for pass cards (see below). Before any information is released, T&C’s Volunteers, T&C employees, T&C board members, and T&C sports board members and T&C players are all bound by T&C’s confidentiality and privacy policy.

Upon termination or resignation, a volunteer may begin working for a competitor or starting a business, and gain competitive advantage by exploiting confidential information about T&C’s operations or trade secrets, or sensitive information such as customer/client lists, business practices, upcoming products, and marketing plans.

The Volunteer/Employee acknowledges that T&C shall or may in reliance of their duty provide Volunteer/Employee access to trade secrets, customers and other confidential data and good will. Volunteer/Employee agrees to retain said information as confidential and not to use said information on his or her own behalf or disclose same to any third party.

T&C will work with our parent sports organizations to protect our member’s information and establish procedures for safeguarding our member information. However, T&C cannot be responsible for how that data is handled by the parent organizations and each family should carefully review the privacy policy for each parent organization for the sports their children participate in.

T&C Sport Rules:

Official Major League Baseball Rule Book:
Got Soccer:
We encourage you to read the privacy policy of every website that you visit. T&C cannot control the collection of information and cannot be responsible or liable for the policies or actions of third parties.

Recycling Program

We will also have two 8 yard recycle bins to collect bigger recyclables (broken down cardboard items) and emptying of the single use bins. The large 8 yard bins will be located at the main-Meadowheath and North-Briarwick lots.

We very much appreciate your cooperation in responsibly recycling.

The following are acceptable items for the bins:

Cardboard/boxboard (shipping, shoe, cereal and food boxes)
Empty containers made of plastic, metal, aluminum or glass (soda cans, water bottles, glass bottles, soup cans, and plastic containers)

The following are items NOT allowed for recycling:

Construction materials
Oil, oil rags, oil filters
Industrial or hazardous chemicals/materials
Fluorescent tubes or light bulbs
Medical waste
Radioactive materials
Dirt, sand, landscape or yard waste
Dead animals
Automotive batteries
Any items which will not fit inside the container/bin
Any items that would get stuck in the container/bin
Any items left outside of the container/bin

COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 Awareness

What T&C is doing:
  • Complying with federal, state and local safety regulations
  • Cleaning & sanitizing daily, providing soap and water in all restrooms
  • Implementing sport-specific safety measures (e.g. no equipment sharing).
  • Continuously monitoring state and local health sources
  • Adjusting our practices as conditions warrant to ensure safety for players, families, and staff.


Campus Expectations:

  • Don’t bring a sick person to campus
  • Wash and sanitize hands frequently
  • Practice social distancing at all times
  • Wear a face covering indoors
  • No team snack sharing
  • Be aware of the enhanced risks of sports participants being in direct contact with anyone age 65 or older for 14 days after the event

Office open by appointment.