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Lacrosse Coaches’ Corner

The T&C Sports Lacrosse Program strives to provide an opportunity for girls who wish to play the game of lacrosse in a family oriented environment of learning and sportsmanship. From the T&C Lacrosse Board members, to Coaches, to Parent Volunteers supporting functions during practices and games, T&C Lacrosse needs your help to ensure we create a successful, positive and fulfilling experience for our youth. Stay involved with your kids!

How to Become a Lacrosse Volunteer Coach

All adults who wish to assist in the lacrosse program, and who will engage with the players, should submit a volunteer coach application. When submitted, a criminal background check will be performed and you will be directed to an abuse prevention training video.  When the background check and video viewing are completed, your application will be reviewed by the Lacrosse Board and coaches will be selected for the current season.  You will be notified if you are selected.  The certification is good for two years.

Head coaches and 1st Assistant coaches have additional certifications to be completed, as noted below.

Coach Application
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Lacrosse Parent Volunteer Job Descriptions

Head Coach/Assistant Coach

Head Coaches and the 1st Assistant coach are required to have a current USA Lacrosse Coach Membership which includes a background check and a required Abuse Prevention Training

Head Coaches will be required to complete the USA Lacrosse Level 1 Coach Certification. Head Coaches plan and run practices, communicate practice and game schedules to the team. 

Assistant Coaches may take several roles as desired by the head coach, many of these are more organizational so don’t be afraid to volunteer if you are not that familiar with the game of Lacrosse…you will catch on quickly.


  • Organizes half-time snack and after-game refreshment sign-ups for all games
  • Organize Game Day volunteer sign-ups (Game Day Administrator, Timer, Scorer, Spotters)
  • Assist the Head Coach with other team related communication as requested (Game reminders, canceled practices, etc.)
  • Facilitates the ordering , payment collection and distribution of other team related items (example: Girls team socks/skorts)
  • Organizes end of year party


NOTE: Game day volunteers on the team bench side of the field may not cheer on the game nor address the officials other than duties related to their specific function.


  • Arrives no later than 45 minutes prior to game time
  • Ensures that goals, cones, Scorer’s Table and Game Clock are in place for the game
  • Ensures extra balls are placed behind each end line – Refresh at half time.
  • Introduce yourself to both Head Coaches and Officials (you are a resource for them)
  • Ensures Timer/Scorekeeper/Spotters are in-place (Finds replacements if needed)
  • Ensures all parents are on the far side of the field from the team benches
  • Assist with Crowd control if needed (a T&C Lacrosse Board member is on site during games as “Commissioner on Duty” or COD)
  • Attend to Injuries/Emergencies (so coaches can focus on the game)
  • Lighting warning (communicate with COD, officials and coaches if lightning is seen)
  • Assisting in Field shut-down and equipment/Game Clock storage if an additional game is not scheduled on that field.

TIMER (For Home Games Only)

  • Prints out timer instructions from the T&C Lacrosse Website for your particular age group/gender (in Volunteer Corner Section)
  • Helps with Scoreboard/Clock Set-up prior to game
  • Operates the official Scoreboard/Clock during the entire game
  • Operates Horn to indicate end of periods, and end of time-outs/half time.
  • Operates penalty/card stopwatch and communicates with players/coaches when the penalty time has expired. (Verbally counts down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, “Release”).
  • Assist with field shut-down by storing the Game Clock or Controller if an additional game is not scheduled on that field.

SCORE KEEPER (Not Required for Elementary School Games)

  • Required to keep an official score book (including penalties and cards) for all home games. Scorekeepers are usually requested by the team coach for away games as well.
  • Obtains Team’s Scorebook from coach or prints out Game Score sheet prior to game
  • Reviews Scorer’s instructions prior to game (Volunteer’s section of T&C Lacrosse Web page)
  • Records all game data as specified by the Scores Instructions or the team’s Head Coach. This includes at a minimum: Goals, Time Outs, and Penalties/Cards. (Most coaches will also require Shots-on-goal, ground balls, saves, clears, etc.)
  • Returns completed Scorebook/Game Score sheet to the Head Coach after the game.

SPOTTER (Needed when a Scorekeeper is Required)

  • Usually 2 Spotters are required at each game
  • The Spotters are the eyes of the Scorekeeper and verbally calls out the events on the field. (Examples: Ground Ball #13, Shot-score #23, Shot-Save, etc.)
  • Spotters may wish to assist the timer with penalty stop watches, etc.
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