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T&C Flag Football

Flag Football Documents / FAQ

Flag Football FAQs

Where are games played?

All games are played on T&C’s campus.  Our main Flag Football field is Field 2; however, some games may also be played on Fields 1 or 11.

Field Map and Directions

Where are games played?

Game days may be Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays.   Game days change from season to season depending on a number of factors; including number of teams, field and referee availability.  For each season, applicable game days will be announced in the Season Overview section on Flag Football’s home page.   Once game schedules are generated, they will be available on the Schedules page.  During the season, each team typically plays one game on their game day.  There could be additional games due to rain-out or bad weather days.  If weekday games, the first game typically starts between 5:30pm – 6:00pm.  Game slots are one (1) hour.  Latest weekday game start is 8:30pm.  Saturday games start at 9:00am.   Rookies and Juniors enjoy the early time slots.  Seniors play in the later time slots.   Referees require players to be present for uniform checks 15 min prior to each game.   Coaches may require players arrive 30+ min prior to game time for warm-ups and pre-game prep.

How often and where will my child practice?

Practices are held on T&C’s campus.  Typically, Fields 1 and 2.  Field 11 may also be available.  Most teams practice once per week.  Generally, practices are 60-90 min.  Early in the season, some coaches may opt to practice twice per week.  When the season starts and teams are playing games, most teams will reduce practices to once per week.  This can vary for each team due to coach and player schedules.

When will practices begin?

Milestone dates for each season are listed on our main Flag Football page.  We typically offer a Pre-Season Football Camp.  It is a clinic that introduces and reinforces football fundaments.  Group practices are generally the following week.  During those practices, our Volunteer coaches work with players on skills, drills and play execution by age group. The draft usually follows over the weekend, teams are formed and coaches confirm practice days for the remainder of the season.

When will the season begin?

The Spring season typically starts near the beginning of March while the Fall season typically starts after Labor Day weekend. Please check the Home page for general information or our Schedule page for more specific game dates.

How long will the season last?

The season is usually an eight (8) week commitment for Rookies and nine (9) week commitment for Juniors and Seniors.   We do not participate during school breaks, such as Spring Break, Fall Break or Easter.  Our season operates around those school holidays.

What equipment will my child need before the first practice or game?

The registration fee includes NFL Flag Jersey, Shorts and Flag Belt.  You will need to purchase mouth guard and appropriate footwear.  Cleats are recommended.  Metal cleats, however, are not permitted.  Football gloves are permitted but not required.  Same for soft helmets and other protective equipment for players.  All players should bring a windbreaker, jacket or sweatshirt to games and practices during early spring and late fall.

What is the appropriate football size for my Age Group?

Rookies:         Pee-Wee Size

Juniors:           Youth Size

Seniors:          Youth Size

Who do I call if I have a problem that needs to be resolved by the league?

If at any time you have a problem or just want information, please go to the Flag Football Board page.  You may contact any office, as appropriate, to address your question or concern.   Please note that we are a volunteer organization.  We strive to respond to you within the same day, however, we typically respond within 48 hours.  You are welcome to attend board meetings and express your concerns directly to the commissioners and officers.  Please e-mail the President if you wish to be added to the agenda for the next meeting and to confirm the meeting location and time.

Can my child be placed on a team with one of his friends?

We do our best to honor buddy requests.  If you want to play with a specific neighbor, family, coach or friend, please be sure to add them to your coach or buddy request during registration.  Pre-draft, there may be some flexibility; however not all requests will be honored once Group practices begin for the season.

How much do team pictures cost and when are they taken?

Retail options may be available each season.  The prices and packages are determined by the photo vendor.  If available, that information will be provided to registered players early in the season.

If my child is unhappy with the team he/she has been place on, can they be moved?

Generally, players are not transferred after the draft.  Only in extreme cases do we allow players to switch teams after the teams have been formed. Such requests must be made in writing to the league President.  The request should include the reasons why it is necessary to change teams.

If my child decides to quit, can I get a refund?

If you request to cancel registration at any point after registering, then you will receive a refund of your paid registration fee less a 10% holdback due to hard costs associated with your player’s online registration. If you request to drop after team practices, but before the first game, then you will receive a refund of your paid registration fee less a 25% holdback due to uniforms already having been ordered and costs incurred. Once games begin, no refunds will be given.  Additionally, refunds are not permitted for decal orders, donations, late fees, or due to team placement.


Can you "protect" players during the team draft?

The Head and Assistant Coaches for each team may only request their own child as a team player during registration.  Players and parents, however, may request a specific coach at registration.   Otherwise, division commissioners do their best to honor requests at registration for buddy and coach requests made during the draft.

How are players placed on teams?

T&C Flag Football continues the honored tradition of the team draft.  Volunteer coaches work with players during group practice week and draft players for their team for the season.  During the draft, there is a process to determine draft order for each coach.  Additionally, there are specific draft rules; including how to handle buddy and coach requests.  The coaches with the first draft number picks first. During the second round the coaches with the last number picks first. This is called a “snake draft”. This continues until all players are picked. This method allows for parity for all teams. If your child misses group practices, they are still eligible for the draft.  While we do our best to honor coach and buddy requests, there are no guarantees a player will be placed on a specific team or with a specific coach each season.

Do you host player tryouts and when are they?

We host group practices the week before the team draft, rather than host player tryouts.  Players may attend some or all group practices during the week.  Volunteer coaches use that opportunity to evaluate players in a fun and stress free setting in preparation for their team draft.

If my child does poorly during Group practice, will he/she be cut?

In all divisions, all registered players will be placed on teams during the team draft.  If a player misses group practices, they are generally placed on teams based on their school or neighborhood to fill out team rosters.

How do I become a Coach?

To become a coach, you must fill out a coach’s application during registration.  At no cost to you, all coaches are required to give permission for a background check.   They must also complete a required one hour online safety course.  Please find the coach application here:

What is Coach Certification?

We require all coaches to become certified.  Our certification program provides training, support, and continuing education to adults who volunteer to coach our youth sports teams. Our program works to remind coaches of their responsibilities when working with children in sports and hold them accountable to a Coaches’ Code of Ethics.

What are the age cutoffs for league play?

Age groups are defined by school calendar year.  Rookies are 1st and 2nd Graders.  Juniors are 3rd and 4th Graders. Seniors are 5th and 6th graders.

How do you confirm rainouts for practices or games?

To determine field status on any given day, please visit our Field Status web page.  It provides the latest and greatest updates on field status due to weather and field conditions all of our fields on campus.

On the front page, you will see a button titled “Field Status”.  The field status is also updated on our Twitter account: @TCSportsAustin.

Until the page is updated, or you have been contacted by your coach, you should assume games are being played. To be sure you are seeing the freshest information posted to the web page, click the refresh button in your browser’s tool bar.

Do you have a Lightning Policy?

Safety of our players is our first priority.  Our campus is monitored by Thor Guard lightning prediction and warning system (Thor).   Thor Guard measures atmospheric conditions on campus and surrounding area.  When the conditions reach the threshold for potential lightning, an alarm will sound (one long blast of the sirens) and strobe lights will begin to flash.

Steps to take when the Thor Guard sirens and lights are activated:

  1.  EVERYONE on campus must take immediate shelter, either in cars or in the restrooms (these are the safest structures).
  2. Only when the Thor Guard system gives the ‘all clear’(3 short siren blasts and the lights go off), may activities resume.

It is the responsibility of every adult on campus to comply with these steps and ensure that every child also complies.  This is a Zero Tolerance safety condition for participating at T&C.  Failure to comply is to do so at your own safety risk, and with possible expulsion from the campus and future activities.

You may view Thor Guard’s status from your smart phone or PC at this link:

Additional Common-Sense Steps:

In the unlikely event that you see lightning in the vicinity or hear thunder and the Thor Guard system has not activated:

  1.  Notify the Commissioner on Duty (COD) for your sport.
  2.  The COD will consider this information and determine if activities should be suspended.  The COD may use additional sources of information, such as the ‘Weatherbug’ app, in making the decision.  Lightning strikes within 10 miles identified by the app warrant suspension of activities.
  3. If the COD decides to suspend activities, he/she will retrieve the bullhorn from the lightning box by the main office, and trigger 5 long blasts.  Upon hearing these blasts, EVERYONE on campus, across all sports, must immediately seek shelter in cars or restrooms.
  4. The COD who initiated the suspension of activities will communicate the ‘all clear’ 30 minutes after the last reported thunder or lighting.  This will be done through 2 blasts on the bullhorn.

Your help on complying to this policy will be appreciated.


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