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T&C Sports

Pre-K Camps

Pre-K Camps

T&C Sports is partnering with Skyhawks Sports Academy to provide morning and evening camps for ages 2-5. Camp offerings include baseball, basketball, soccer and multi-sport.  Camps run for 4 weeks. Schedules and camp descriptions are provided below.

  • Ages 2-5
  • Morning and evening sessions offered
  • 4 classes per session (once a week)
  • $65


SIGN UP: Fall Skyhawk Pre-K Academy Classes

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact:

Sydney Hall General Manager of Austin

Skyhawks Sports Academy | SuperTots Sports Academy
C: 954-501-9738

Session Information

Session 2SoccerThur am10/5 - 10/269:00-9:40amMiracle League Field
SoccerSat am10/7 - 10/289:00-9:40amField 6 (Game Courts)
Session 3SoccerMon pm10/16 - 11/65:20-6:00pmMiracle League Field
BaseballWed am10/18 - 11/89:00-9:40amMiracle League Field

** Parent participation required for 2/3 yr classes

Class Descriptons


Rookies (2-3yr) – This parent participation class uses a variety of props and games to engage kids.  Baseball concepts and techniques are “secretly” developed using age-appropriate activities. Emphasis is on fine motor and social/emotional skills.

Legends (4-5yr) – Focus is on hitting, throwing, catching, base running and body control by playing exciting baseball skill-building games.  Some small-sided team games will be played.


Rookies (2-3yr) – This parent participation class uses a variety of props, songs, and games to engage kids.  Simple hand-eye and movement skills are developed using captivating games with appropriate-sized, safe equipment.  These fun games will help develop balance, movement, and basketball coordination while also learning the importance of listening.

Legends (4-5yr) – This class further develops basketball techniques like dribbling, shooting, passing and body control by playing fun, skill-building games. Some small-side scrimmages will be played.


Rookies (2-3yr) – This parent participation class uses a variety of props, songs, and games that appeal to young kids.  Simple motor skills are developed using engaging activities that teach a variety of sports and allow kids to explore balance and movement.  The goal is to introduce fitness and physical activity while learning the importance of listening skills.

Legends (4-5yr) – Campers can explore a variety of sports in a fun and lively setting.  All games and activities are designed to give a basic understanding of multiple sports.  Team concepts are introduced as small-sided games are played.


Rookies (2-3yr) – This parent participation class uses a wide range of soccer games to develop balance, movement and motor skills while teaching the importance of listening to instructions. The class introduces kicking, running control, and dribbling in a fun atmosphere.

Legends (4-5yr) – Exciting skill-development games that reinforce foot-eye coordination and dribbling/running control.  Players receive lots of touches on the ball with a focus on an active and positive outlet.  Scrimmages may be introduced.