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Winter 22-23 Spurs Coach Training Session (FREE TO JOIN!!!)

Click the button below to register for the PCA Coach training session on Tuesday, November 15th at 6pm.  The meeting will be held via Zoom.

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Winter 22-23 Coach Meetings – (edited last on 11.17.2022) –

Location T&C Office (Blue Bldg near Meadowheath Parking Lot)

  • 3rd/4th Girls: Thursday November 17th 7pm
  • 4th/5th Girls: Sunday November 13th 3pm
  • 4th Grade Boys: Monday November 14th 6:30pm
  • 3rd Grade Boys: Wednesday November 16th 7pm
  • 5th Grade Boys: TBD
  • Middle School Boys: TBD- Player Assessment Monday, November 28th, at Deer Park MS. @6:30PM
  • Middle School Girls: TBD- Player Assessment Monday, November 28th, at Deer Park MS. @6:30PM


All T&C volunteers, from coaches to team managers, must successfully pass a background screen and complete an abuse prevention course to be in compliance with the federally mandated Youth Safe Sports Act.  All volunteers who engage with players in practices or games  must complete the volunteer process.

To become an approved coach (or volunteer of any kind), you must fill out a Sports Engine coach application at the beginning of a season. The application will generate a criminal background check and direct you to watch an abuse prevention video. Both the background check and abuse prevention training must be completed prior to contact with players.

The certification is good for two years from the date of completion. Coaches whose certifications have expired will need to reapply following the process above.

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