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T&C Softball

Softball Programs

T&C Softball offers programs for girls ages 5 to 14 with spring and fall leagues. All-Stars teams compete in the summer.

Recreational League

Fall Season

The Fall season is the “less competitive” season. In general, eight to ten games are played (eight games is normal) during the season.  Prior to the start of games, a coach may have one to three practices per week (two would be reasonable in most cases). After games start, there will generally be one practice per week. Emphasis is placed on instruction and playing different positions.

Spring Season

The Spring season is the “competitive“ season. In general, 12 to 16 games are played (12 games is normal) during season.  Prior to the start of games, a coach may have two practices per week. After games start, there will generally be one practice per week depending on the coach. Scores are kept, more emphasis is placed on winning, and standings are kept in most leagues. There is an “All-Star” league that plays at the end of the regular season.

Hybrid League (New Fall 2023!)

T&C is excited to offer a Hybrid League for 8U to 14U players. The idea of this league will be to play more competitive games and experience tournament play. Each team will consist of 12 girls max.

Player experience suggestion:

  • 8U minimum of 1 year of All-star experience
  • 10U minimum of 2 years
  • 12U/14U minimum of 4 years
  • Must be willing to play tournaments and travel

Included with Registration Fees:

  • Jerseys (2)
  • League fees and umpire cost
  • Practice Facility
  • Equipment
  • 6 mid-week games

Extra cost: (covers tournament entry and Pay at the plate)

  • Fall – Minimum of at least 2 tournaments  (est $70 per player)
  • Spring -Minimum of at least 4 tournaments (est $140 per player)

More information on tryouts coming soon!!!

Summer All Stars

All Star season starts after the T&C spring recreational season.  Players and coaches will submit a application to the T&C Softball Board in which they will discuss and select players and coaches for a 14-player team.  There will be four coaches selected for each team.


There are several divisions of softball available at Town & Country.

  • Shetland (6U) – for girls ages 5 to 6. In this league girls hit off of a softball tee
  • Coach Pitch (8U) – for girls ages 7 to 8. A team’s coach pitches to the girls
  • Mustang (10U) – for girls ages 9 to 10. This is the first league where a player pitches to the batters
  • Bronco (12U) – for  girls ages 11 to 12
  • Pony (14U) for girls ages 13 to 14
softball players with trophies
T&C Sports all star girls softball team

Open Teams

Tryouts for the open teams are held before each season.  This allows any girl not selected time to sign up at T&C in the recreational league. The select softball team plays a minimum of two tournaments a month with the potential to travel out of town.

Select Season Schedules

Fall: August to November

Spring: February to Mid July


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