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Maps/Lightning Safety


Detailed Map of Soccer Fields

T&C is a big place! There are three entrances. Here is the best one for each field, and a link to open the Maps for each entrance:


The Town & Country Sports Complex is now monitored by a Thor Guard lightning prediction and warning system.  The Thor Guard system measures atmospheric conditions at the T&C campus and surrounding area.  When the conditions reach the threshold for potential lightning, an alarm will sound (one long blast of the sirens) and the strobe lights will begin to flash. 

Steps to take when the Thor Guard sirens and lights are activated:

1.  EVERYONE on the T&C campus must take immediate shelter, either in cars or in the T&C restrooms (these are the safest structures).

2. Only when the Thor Guard system gives the 'all clear' (3 short siren blasts and the lights go off), may activities resume.

It is the responsibilty of every adult on campus to comply with these steps, and to ensure that every child also complies.  This is a Zero Tolerance safety condition for participating at T&C.  Failure to comply is to do so at your own safety risk, and with possible expulsion from the T&C campus and future activities.

You may view the the status of the T&C Thor Guard system from your smart phone or PC at this link:


Additional Common Sense Steps

In the unlikely event that you see lightning in the vicinity or hear thunder, and the Thor Guard system has not activated:

1.  Notify the Commissioner on Duty (COD) for your sport.  

2.  The COD will consider this information and determine if activities should be suspended.  The COD may use additional sources of information, such as the 'Weatherbug' app, in making the decision.  Lightning strikes within 10 miles identified by the app warrant suspension of activities.

3. If the COD decides to suspend activities, he/she will retrieve the bullhorn from the lightning box by the main office, and trigger 5 long blasts.  Upon hearing these blasts, EVERYONE on campus, across all sports, must immediately seek shelter in cars or restrooms.  

4. The COD who initiated the suspension of activities will communicate the 'all clear' 30 minutes after the last reported thunder or lighting.  This will be done through 2 blasts on the bullhorn.


When Playing Offsite

Obey all lightning policies in place at any park, field, facility or event.

If there is no published lightning policy at the offsite venue (i.e. a public park or school yard), upon hearing thunder or seeing lightning immediately suspend play and direct your team to find shelter in cars or enclosed buildings.  Do not resume activity until 30 minutes after the last observance of thunder or lightning.

It is recommended that coaches have a smart phone app, such as Weatherbug.  If lightning strikes are detected within 10 miles, suspend play and direct your team to cars or enclosed buildings.


The fields are only to be used for organized events sanctioned by the T&C Optimist Club.

At the T&C Optimist Complex, visitors are expected to observe the Zero Tolerance Policy. Please remember that T&C is not a public park. Please make sure that your out of town guests are aware of this policy! At the T&C Optimist Complex, visitors are expected to observe the Zero Tolerance Policy, which prohibits: Violence-Physical or Verbal, Alcohol, Weapons, Noise Makers, Tobacco Products-ALL Types including E-Cigarrettes and Vaping, Littering, Pets-Leashed and Unleashed, tailgating, no onsite cooking, this includes all T&C parking lots (T&C's permit does not allow public cooking or preparation of foods outside of our concessions). No over-sized vehicles including campers. This Zero Tolerance Policy applies to all visitors for every event attended at the complex. Any patron violating these policies will result in a warning to correct and/or asked to leave the T&C property.