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6 Games (No practices)

June 8th to July 23rd (no game July 3rd-10th)

Games: Saturdays, Tuesday nights OR Thursday nights

Location: T&C Game Courts

$65 per player

Team Placement at first game

T&C Futsal

Futsal is a fun, fast-paced and exciting small-sided soccer game that came from South America. Fabulous for youth soccer players, the game of Futsal develops technical skill and ability. In the tight spaces of the five-a-side game (5 players against 5 players), technique matters. Unlike outdoor soccer, players enjoy hundreds of touches on the ball on the court. In Futsal, players often find themselves one-on-one against an opponent and quick decision making is important. With the opposition constantly attacking, maintaining possession of the ball is critical and this helps develop great passing skills. World famous soccer professionals Pelé, Ronaldo, Messi, Kaká, Iniesta, Xavi and Fabregas all attribute Futsal to helping their performance on the soccer field.


No. T&C Futsal is designed not to be a burden on coaches and parents. It is an opportunity for the players to get some touches on the ball once a week in the off-season while getting some time to play with friends.


Shin guards (just like outdoor)

Shoes:  (no cleats or turf shoes)

  • Futsal court shoes or Indoor Soccer shoes (flats)
  • Any type of general court shoe
  • The sole must not leave scuff marks on the courts


To keep cost low uniforms are not provided.  Home teams will wear white and away teams will wear a penny.


League Play

  • 6 games in 6 weeks
  • 5 v 5, max roster size = 10
  • U9 – U16 Boys & Girls
  • 20 minute halves (5-minute halftime)
  • There is no overtime, injury time or stoppage time.

General Rules

  • Teams are comprised of four outfield players and one goalkeeper.
  • The goalkeeper must wear a different color jersey than the outfield players.
  • Max roster = 10
  • All teams will switch ends at halftime


  • All substitutions are “on the fly”, including goalkeeping substitutions. Referees will not stop play for substitutions.
  • A substitute may not enter the match until the player leaving the match is at the touchline in the substitution zone.
  • Any substitute who enters the field of play before the player being replaced has completely left the field of play may be shown a yellow card.
  • All substitutions must take place in the technical area (in front of the team bench )– not at the halfway line.

Fouls and Misconduct

  • In general, the rules of outdoor soccer apply. There are, however, some exceptions:
    • No sliding (either tackling or otherwise playing the ball)
    • No headers allowed in Junior Futsal
    • A goalkeeper may not punt or drop-kick the ball, the ball must bounce at least twice when dropped from the goalkeeper’s hand(s) before playing with the feet.
    • A goalkeeper may not throw the ball past mid-court unless the ball makes contact with the ground or another player.

Free Kicks:

  • Direct Free Kick awarded for
    • Deliberate hand-ball inside the goal arc
    • Violent conduct towards an opposing player
  • Indirect Free Kicks are awarded for all other fouls


  • Kickoffs: are indirect. Tapped balls are not in play – the ball must move. The ball may be passed backwards directly from the kickoff.
  • Kick-Ins: are indirect. The ball must be placed on or no more than 10 inches behind the line and the kick must be taken within 5 seconds. The kicker’s non-kicking foot must be out of bounds or on the line.
  • Goal Kicks: are indirect and taken when the ball wholly crosses the goal line after being touched last by the attacking team. The goalkeeper takes the kick from anywhere inside the penalty arc.
  • Corner Kicks: are direct. The ball must be placed directly on the corner spot and the kick must be taken within 5 seconds.
  • Free Kicks: may be indirect or direct. The ball must be stopped completely before the kick may be taken.
  • Penalty Kicks: are taken from the penalty spot and must be shot at goal by a clearly identified kicker. Defenders may not be nearer to the ball than 10 feet and must be behind an imaginary line running from touchline to touchline even with the penalty spot.
  • Distance: For all of the above, opponents may not be closer to the ball than 10 feet.
  • Ceiling: If the ball hits the ceiling or other object, the team that did not touch the ball last restarts play with a kick in from the nearest point on the touchline.

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Rewards – Futsal develops the same basic technique, skills, tactics and knowledge of the game as the outdoor game.

Ball touches – In statistical study comparing Futsal to Soccer, players touched the ball more often which will increase player’s ball competency.

Ball control – With limited space and constant opponent pressure, improved ball control technique and skills are required

Speed of play – Constant opponent pressure and a 4 second restart law means players must learn to play and think fast, which develops intelligent players.

Support play – In Order to escape tight situations you must make supporting when team mates have the ball.

Continuity of play – Action is continuous and physically demanding, so players must continue the play instead of stopping and watching, which in develops physical conditioning.

Knowledge – With four on court players plus goal keepers that can join in the play , all the basics components of Football are present, As the action is nonstop, players are able to develop an improved technical understand of Futsal very quickly.

Finishing – The goal and penalty area assist the goalkeeper in narrowing the angle, which means player must learn to shoot accurately and deceive the the goalkeeper instead of just relying on power alone.

Play well, play fair – The laws of the game of Futsal encourage playing skilfully and punish physical contact fouls, game play also encourages respect for all players and officials.

Fun – Futsal is fast paced, fun, skill-oriented game that tests your abilities at whatever level, whilst developing all round individual technique.

US Youth national team and Futsal.  Futsal is a key component to US Youth National team’s player development and a mandatory part of the seasonal training plan for the Development Academy U-13/14 Program.


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