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Academy (U8-U12)

The T&C Soccer Academy is the second step on the Player Development Pathway at T&C Soccer, it forms a bridge between Recreational and Select.


These observations are for players born in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 or 2017 who are interested in join the program for the Fall 2024 season. We will be holding Observations on the dates listed below. Fall program dates, details and pricing will be updated soon. More information on the program below.

Mon Aug 5 (Girls) Field #45 - 6:30 PM
Tues Aug 6 (Boys) Field #45 - 6:30 PM
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This developmental program is built upon a player centric model where individual development is our primary focus. We teach players the tools they require to enjoy the beautiful game in a competitive, developmental environment.

Our coaches work from the US Soccer Training & Planning Curriculum in order to make sure the players are being taught the appropriate information for their age. All sessions are built around the four pillars of the game; technical, tactical, physical and mental.

Children participating in the Academy will be placed on teams according to their skill level. Teams are formed during the first week of the season and coached by our trainers. Academy games are typically played at T&C Sports complex and potentially within the greater Austin area, more details below.

Program Details

  • All practices are at Town & Country Sports Complex.
  • Practice is designed by our Soccer Director and lead by T&C Soccer Trainers.
  • Trainers are expected to present at all practices and games.
  • Players practice twice-a-week (1hr 15mins) for 13 weeks.
  • Current practice time slots; 5 – 6:15pm & 6:30 – 7:45pm.
  • Players have access to a third “optional” Technical Training Session each week on the day they do not practice.
  • Players must wear T&C practice jersey to training
  • At the beginning of the season players will be evaluated and place onto teams.
  • Teams may vary from season-to-season.
  • Teams play 9 games per season, we do our best to reschedule rain-outs.
  • T&C end-of-season tournament included.
  • Most Academy teams compete in our “in-house” Academy league.
  • In-house teams will play all their games at T&C on Saturday mornings.
  • Travel teams will compete in the local area (CAYSA) Academy league, this league requires considerably more travel around the Austin area.
  • Academy teams/players and have access to our VEO camera game recordings
  • All players are required to purchase an Academy uniform package in their first season (approximately $175). This uniform is good through Spring 2025 and can be used when they graduate onto a select team.



Registering for Academy

Academy registration for the fall will be opening very soon. To register for Academy a player needs to be invited by the Soccer Director, a password will be provided for registration.  Click on the link below to access all soccer registrations.

Soccer Registrations


Early MayRegistration Opens
Aug 5 & 6New Player Observations
Aug 12 weekPractice Begins
Aug 12Late Registration (team placement not guaranteed - $25 fee)
Aug 12 & 13Parent Meeting (6pm)
Aug 12 & 19 weekTeam Formation
Aug 13 & 14Technical Training & Keeper Training Begins
Aug 26 weekTeam Practice Begins
Sept 7Season Games Begin
Nov 3Season Games End
Nov 4 weekTeam Practice Ends
Nov 5 & 6Technical Training & Keeper Training Ends
Nov 9-10T&C end-of-season Tournament
Nov 11 & 12New Player Observations
* Tournaments are at an additional cost to the parent, team registration is roughly $450/tournament split between all the parents on the roster, plus coaches expenses. These fees are typically  somewhere around $45 per family per tournament, as teams get older and more competitive these fees may increase slightly with out of town travel and  hotel expenses.

Training Curriculum Map

WeekTraining Topic
1Passing & Receiving | Scrimmages & Team Formation
2Passing & Receiving | Possession
3Shooting & RWTB | Playing out of the back
4Shooting & RWTB | Playing out of the back
5Turning, Dribbling & 1v1 Attacking | Transition
6Turning, Dribbling & 1v1 Attacking | Transition
7Receiving to turn, Shooting | Combination Play
8Receiving to turn, Shooting | Combination Play
9Ball control, Turning & 1v1 Defending | Finishing in final 3rd
10Ball control, Turning & 1v1 Defending | Finishing in final 3rd
11RWTB, Shielding & Shooting | Defending Principles
12RWTB, Shielding & Shooting | Defending Principles


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