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Field Map

T&C is a big place! There are three entrances. Here is the best one for each field, and a link to open the map for each entrance:

Please note that field status can be found by clicking here

During weekdays, T&C's Executive Director will make the decision on fields by 3:00pm, and will be updated via the website and twitter. We post field updates as soon as possible. If weather is pending, after 3:00pm, each sport association will make the decision on their respective fields and update the site and tweet.

Map of complex & Emergency access addresses/fields. Click image to view in a larger window.

Field Status

click the above link for current field status

TCSportsAustin T&C Sports TCSportsAustin

Twitter Field Status

Twitter Field Status Notification: Currently you are able to view field status updates for each sport on our website. You can now receive field status updates via mobile devices for those requiring this convenience. The twitter update from TCSportsAustin is for field status only, you will not be able to post or respond to this account. For those who do not wish to use twitter, you can still access field status updates on the Town and Country website.

Also please note, depending on your phone service plan, using twitter may be subject to data charges from your phone service provider.

In order to receive the field status update via twitter, if you have an existing twitter account, you can search for TCSportsAustin and select to follow.

If you do not have a twitter account set up, you will need to go to and set up your new account. In your set up for the account, you will have the option to download the twitter application for your phone. Most phones are set up with the twitter application pre-installed, if so, you will not have to download. Please check your device for this before selecting the option to download. Once your account is set up, you can begin to follow whomever you choose. To follow Town and Country field status, simply do a search for TCSportsAustin and select to follow. You will receive field status updates when available.