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Referees Corner

How to Become a Soccer Referee

Basic Requirements

  • Minimum Age – 13 years old. 
  • Basic knowledge of the game of soccer
  • Physically able to referee

Clinics -- You must then attend a clinic sponsored by South Texas Soccer Referees and pass the clinic test.  There are two clinics you can attend.  Either the Grade 8 or Grade 9 entry level clinics.

Grade 8 -- A Grade 8 referee can referee both recreational and select youth games.   The clinic is a 2 day, 16 hour class with a 100 question test that you must pass with a 75 score.  This clinic and test is difficult and I would not recommend it for ages younger than 14.  Please note that even though you have gone through the Grade 8 entry clinic, you will not be assigned any select games until you have gained some experience reffing games.

Grade 9 -- Recommended for most entry level children.  Referees mainly recreational games, but can do select games if there are no Grade 8 referees available.  The clinic is one day, 8 hour with a 50 question test.  The test is not near as difficult, but you still must pass the test with a 75.

Where to look for the clinics -- To find these clinics, you must go to the “” website.  Go to the clinic button and follow the instructions.  Please note that you must pay for the clinic before attending the clinic.  The referee association now accepts PayPal or you can send a check to the association.

What to do after you have passed the test -- Once you have taken the clinic and passed the test, you can then notify the referee assignor for Town and Country to put you on the list for reffing.  They will then start sending emails to you for availability for games.

How to Re-certify as a Soccer Referee

Once you have been a referee for a year, you will need to re-certify to keep reffing.  Below are the instructions for each grade.

Grade 8 -- You will need to go to a recert clinic.  These clinics are 5 hours, 1 day clinics with a 100 question test that must be passed with a score of 75.  You must take this clinic every year to keep your referee status.

Grade 9 -- Recert clinics are not offered for Grade 9s.  To continue to ref, you must do 1 of 2 items.  You can take a bridge clinic which moves you from a grade 9 to grade 8 or you can retake the grade 9 entry clinic.  The bridge clinic is an 8 hour, 1 day clinic with a 100 question test that you must score a 75 to pass.  The grade 9 clinic is an 8 hour, 1day clinic with a 50 question test that you must score a 75 to pass.

For more information, please click to contact Michele Pederson, Referee Assignor.

Jerry Hicks was awarded the 2018/2019 Referee of the Year Award for his outstanding efforts and support of the T&C Soccer program.  Jerry has been an official with T&C for many years.  His dedication to officiate games at every chance, provides a reassuring feel that any game he manages will be officiated fairly, without bias, and above all assuring the safety of all players.  True to his nature, Jerry is a very kind and warmhearted person committed to mentoring the newer or younger referees, devoted to teaching the Laws of the Game.  Thank you for all you have done Jerry!

Referees in Recognition

As a referee at T&C, our officials get to experience the joys and frustrations of all who witness their efforts as the focal point of every game.  Mostly a thankless job, our referees continue to persevere and overcome these challenges through hard work, thick skin, and over whelming support by the T&C Soccer board and Officiating Staff.  During the 2018 Fall season, a few referees were recognized:

Referee of the Year - Jerry Hicks

Alex Pederson - Most Communicative

John McCarty - Most Dedicated

Sebastian & Fabian Dobek - Most Effective Crew

Ashton Heitz - Most Knowledgable

Justin Gao - Most Courageous

David Duncan - Most Flexible