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Academy U9-U10

T&C Academy for U9 & U10

The Academy is a player development first model in which we focus on individual player development for ball mastery. In order to do this the team rosters are open, there is no team roster.  Games are not about winning or losing they are about players developing to be the best they can to provide a solid basis to move into T&C's competitive soccer program at U11.

T&C  Academy Program

  1. Teams will have a common uniform.
  2. Teams will have a pool practice 2 days/week. Coaches will work from T&C formed curriculum and players will rotate through stations so they get to know all the coaches and coaches will know players. 
  3. Teams will start out with same team formation as used in the past. The Academy Director will decide on how to roster the teams. Expect “teams” will have between 7 to 11 players.
  4. Academy Director will work with coaches to find on-level matches with the structure provided by CAYSA.
  5. Coaches help adjust rosters based on player development needs.
  6. Team rosters are limited, so players are accepted first-come first-served during open registration


Q.) Will I have to coach a game where my child is not playing?

A.) This is possible but not likely.

Q.) Will the schedules be set so I can plan my life?

A.) Games will be set in the block play format with other clubs in CAYSA's Academy block play set.  This allows  all of our Academy teams to play at the same location whether it is at T&C or another club.  This does not mean you will have to be there for 4 hours each weekend.  This will allow all players to get the most playing time we can give them in games each week.

For additional information please contact THE ACADEMY DIRECTOR below:

U9-U10 Academy Director: Rich Swain - Email or 512-431-1831